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Online advertising campaigns

Online advertising campaigns

Do you want to increase the visibility of your business to win new customers?

Having a website is essential, but if your customers are struggling to find it, then it becomes useless to have it. For this we define strategies aimed at increasing the online visibility of your business. In recent years, thanks to the advance of technology, new forms of marketing have been added to the more traditional paper form, making it possible to reach many more people at the same time.

To reach the results, we define marketing strategies with which to identify objectives and to define actions to achieve them. We manage advertising campaigns on the web, we optimize the website for search engines and we send newsletters to customers.

Increase customers who visit your site with online advertising campaigns!

SEO optimization

We position and optimize your website on the main search engines, by analyzing and writing search keys, optimizing the code, writing appropriate meta tags, updating and adjusting the texts on the page. All these tricks plus many others will allow your website to be more visible and present in search results.

Adwords campaigns

We plan, create and publish Adwords campaigns so that customers can easily find your website. First we choose the target that may be interested in your business, then we analyze the keywords that users search through search engines and we create the ads to be published. In this way your business will surely be among the first search results.

Direct E-mail Marketing and SMS Marketing

We study, create and send e-mail or SMS that allow you to maintain a loyalty relationship with your customers. We send newsletters about products, events, promotions, but also to remind a user who has abandoned a full shopping cart, that is about to expire some offers and much more.

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